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Yes, I am the moderator and a maintainer of dwfiction.

As I have graduated from university and started working full time, I do not have as much time for livejournal.  I do get notifications through e-mail when a post is put into the moderation queue, but I don't always have time to get on LJ right away - and once I do have time, I've usually forgotten.  Sorry :(

If you try posting on dwfiction and your fic winds up in the mod queue, here are my suggestions:

1)  Give me a few days, I just might get to your fic and accept it.
2)  If it's been a couple days and I have still not accepted your fic, send me a message through LJ to remind me there are fics waiting in the queue.  I will definitely get to your post asap.
3)  Don't be afraid to contact me!  I feel bad when I forget about fics!!

Thank you,


Title: She Loves Him Because
Author: luv_you_chicken 
Characters/Pairings:  Ten/Rose
Rating:  Adult
Disclaimer:  Gosh darn - I don't own em...
Summary: AU Ten/Rose quick smut.
A/N: Just trying to get my brain flowing...

She Loves Him BecauseCollapse )